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Ocean Counties

Kilifi County is one of the six counties in Coast region. The county lies between latitude 20„and 4 0„South, and between longitude 39 05„and 400 14„East. It borders Kwale County to the south west, Taita Taveta County to the west, Tana River County to the north, Mombasa County to the south and Indian Ocean to the east. The county covers an area of 12,609.7Km2.

Kilifi County has four major topographical features. The county is divided into a five Agro- Ecological Zones (AEZ). They define areas that have similar characteristics such as annual mean temperatures, vegetation and humidity.

The annual temperature ranges between 21oC and 30oC in the coastal belt and between 30oC and 34oC in the hinterland. The county experiences relatively low wind speeds ranging between 4.8 km/hr and 12 Km/hr.

Garissa County is one of the three counties in the North Eastern region of Kenya. It covers an area of 44,174.1Km2 and lies between latitude 10 58’N and 20 1’ S and longitude 380 34’E and 410 32’E. The county borders the Republic of Somalia to the east, Lamu County to the south, Tana River County to the west, Isiolo County to the North West and Wajir County to the north.

Garissa County is basically flat and low lying without hills, valleys and mountains. It rises from a low altitude of 20m to 400m above sea level. The major physical features are seasonal rivers popularly known as Lagas and the Tana River Basin on the western side. The soils range from the sandstones, dark clays to alluvial soils along the Lagas, River Tana Basin and the Lorian swamp.

Tana River County is one of the six Counties in the Coast region. It borders Kitui County to the West, Garissa County to the North East, Isiolo County to the North, Lamu County to the South East and Kilifi County to the South. The county lies between latitudes 000’53” and 200’41’’ South and longitudes 38025’43” and 40015’ East. The county has a total area of 38,862.2 Km2 with a projected population of 276,567(KNBS, 2014) and covers about 76 kms of the coastal strip.

The major physical features in Tana River County is an undulating plain that is interrupted in a few places by low hills at Bilibil (around Madogo) and Bura administrative sub-units which are also the highest points in the county. The land in Tana River generally slopes south eastwards with an altitude that ranges between 0m and 200m above sea level.


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