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Kitui County

It is the sixth largest county in the country, covering an area of 30,496.4 km2 including 6,369 km2 occupied by Tsavo East National park. The county shares its borders with seven other counties.  Kitui County has a low lying topography with arid and semi-arid climate. Its rainfall distribution is erratic and unreliable. The highlands namely, Migwani, Mumoni, Kitui Central, Mui, Mutitu Hills and Yatta plateau receive relatively high rainfall compared with lowlands of Nguni, Kyuso and Tseikuru.

Apart from the Yatta Plateau and the range of hills in the central part of the county, the topography is undulating, and gives way to plains toward the east. A few hills rise as inselbergs in the plains rising to an altitude of 1,747 metres above sea level.


The County of Kitui is endowed with various natural resources such as forests, permanent and seasonal rivers, hills, rocks, wildlife among others. Apart from the natural resources, the county can also be divided into nine Agro Ecological Zones.  

The climate of the Kitui County is hot and dry with unreliable rainfall. The climate falls under two climatic zones i.e., arid and semi-arid with most of the County being classified as arid.

There are numerous effects in the County brought about by climate change. These include unreliable, erratic and inadequate rainfall, persistent and more frequent drought and imminent famine leading to food insecurity, and high and increasing temperatures.

Kitui County has a number of potential tourist attractions which have for many years remained unexploited. The main attractions in the Kitui County include Nzambani Rock, Ikoo Valley, Ngomeni Rock Catchment and Conservancy, Tsavo East National Park in Mutomo, and 3 National Reserves namely South Kitui, Kora and Mwingi.


The Tsavo Climate Challenge is a tree growing program of the Tsavo Heritage foundation, a charity duly registered in Kenya.


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