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Nairobi County

Nairobi County borders Kiambu County to the North and West, Kajiado to the South and Machakos to the East. The County has a total area of 696.1 Km2 and is located between longitudes 36o 45‘ East and latitudes 1o 18‘ South. It lies at an altitude of 1,798 metres above sea level.

The terrain in the eastern side of the County is gently rolling but divided by steep valleys towards the City boundaries. To the north, there is the Karura forest which is characterized by steep sided valleys. The Karen - Langata area is characterized by plains surrounded by Nairobi National Park on the east and Ngong Forest on the south. The three forests have a total coverage of 23.19 Km2.


The County is predominantly a terrestrial habitat that supports a diverse web of biodiversity ecosystems. It is home to about 100 species of mammals, 527 bird species and a variety of plant species. Although it is endowed with some permanent rivers, the aquatic ecosystems are largely choked by the effects of pollution from different sources.

Nairobi County is home to three gazetted forests namely Karura, Ngong Road forest and Nairobi Arboretum. The main forest products in Nairobi County vary from furniture, firewood, poles, posts and medicinal herbs. These products are obtained from both the indigenous and exotic trees.

Nairobi‘s large and growing population is one of the main forces driving the County‘s overwhelming environmental degradation. Other contributors include increased number of vehicles, unplanned and uncontrolled settlements, poor solid waste management, uncontrolled development, untreated industrial discharge and inefficient energy use. The leading contributor to climate change is from industrial and motor vehicle emissions.

Climate change affects the environment negatively leading to water scarcity, increased health threats, increasing temperature, low precipitation, erratic weather patterns, food insecurity and increase in cost viagra pas cher of food commodities.

Nairobi County is a major centre of tourism in the region. Its relative proximity to many tourist attractions both in Kenya and East Africa makes it an asset of great importance in the tourism sector. As the capital City and commercial centre, it attracts many businessmen and leisure tourists. This is partly because the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) the main point of entry to Kenya by air is located in the County.

Nairobi is the only capital City in the world with a national park close to its City centre. The Nairobi Safari Walk is a major attraction to tourists as it offers a rare foot experience for wildlife viewing.


The Tsavo Climate Challenge is a tree growing program of the Tsavo Heritage foundation, a charity duly registered in Kenya.


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