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Tsavo Festivals

The Tsavo Festival

Celebrating concerted effort to save the Tsavo Ecosystem

The Tsavo Festival

The Tsavo Festival will be organized at community, county and inter-county level within Tsavo ecosystem and dispersal areas (TEDA). The main qualification for participation in the Tsavo Festival will be membership in the tree growing competition dubbed The Tsavo Climate Challenge. The festival will comprise of show casing heritage and talent in music, poetry, drama and all forms of performing arts informed by indigenous and contemporary culture.The festival will also provide a context and platform for promoting holistic approach to restoration and conservation of the Tsavo ecosystem by focusing on celebration of all types and aspects of effort to save the Tsavo ecosystem.

The Tsavo Festival, a celebration of efforts to save the Tsavo, is in fact an intensive and extensive awareness-raising exercise among the communities of TEDA and other stakeholders on the need of concerted effort and holistic approach to save the Tsavo ecosystem. Indeed, the Tsavo Festival is not only an integral part of the combined efforts to save the Tsavo ecosystem but also the cultural glue that binds together all such efforts within a holistic approach to conservation.

 Significantly outstanding in the said efforts is the Tsavo Climate Challenge, an initiative of Tsavo Heritage Foundation, which involves a massive tree growing competition by organized groups and communities in TEDA.Community based groups, schools, colleges, religious institutions and all entities of organized stakeholders will be invited to participate in the tree growing competition. However, only those who respond positively and engage in the tree growing competition will qualify to participate in the Tsavo Festival events.

Is the Tsavo ecosystem under threat?

The Tsavo Ecosystem is slowly but surely dying.The livelihoods and socio-economic welfare of populations living in Tsavo Ecosystem and Dispersal Area (TEDA) are equally under serious threat.Water sources are drying up, de-forestation is escalating along with phenomenal degradation of the environment through human action and overall effects of global warming and climate change.

A cross section of stakeholders, especially, the populations living in TEDA as well as environmentalists and conservationists all over the globe are increasingly getting alarmed by the deteriorating situation of Tsavo ecosystem. Consequently, both reactive and pro-active efforts have been (and are continuing to be) undertaken by stakeholders in response to the critical situation of Tsavo ecosystem.

What are we celebrating?

We are celebrating all efforts by stakeholders in TEDA, conservationists all over the world, and all those making any form of contribution towards restoration and conservation of the Tsavo ecosystem. We are celebratinghope, determination, faith and conviction that we shall win the war to restore and conserve the Tsavo ecosystem. We are celebrating concerted effort and a holistic approach to conservation.


Organizing the Tsavo Festival to maximize synergy to conserve the Tsavo ecosystem

The events of proposed Tsavo Festival will take place at various stages and platforms in close collaborationwith organizers and structures of the tree growing competition. The first stage of the festival will be at community level but coordinated at the sub county level. The winning teams from the sub counties will compete at the county level while the county champions will meet others in the inter-county acheter viagra celebrations within TEDA. Schools, colleges and other organized platforms will participate in the festival in the same stages as described above as long as they are participants in the tree growing competition.

The structures in place for the planned massive tree growing competition will be used in the organization of the Tsavo Festival events at all identified levels and platforms. Organizers of the tree growing competition and the Tsavo festival will explore areas of collaboration and synergy creation between the two events. For example, award giving occasions for winners in the tree growing competitions could be planned to coincide with Tsavo Festival peaks at the various levels. Such combination of events would not only create synergy but also help in cost sharing and cutting down on budgets.

Social and cultural spinoffs

Social and cultural spinoffs from the Tsavo Festival events include talent identification and nurturing,bonding and interethnic appreciation, promotion of national identity and solidarity in a common mission to save theTsavo ecosystem.


The Tsavo Climate Challenge is a tree growing program of the Tsavo Heritage foundation, a charity duly registered in Kenya.


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